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Recover ubuntu box from hack, part 6: How to log out of gnome without a mouse

So my ISP has an Ubuntu repository, so when I set that as my software source, it downloads super fast and doesn’t use quote. Even if we’re capped, its still super fast as the ISP doesn’t cap unmetered data.

So I decided I wanted to do this from the gnome GUI – since it already knows the source, and I don’t have to fight with vim to try find/replace (I use it, but just not that well yet, so GUI should be quicker)

So I plugged a keyboard into the server, and turned on the monitor. Its just running desktop version of Ubuntu so I can just log in like that.

Went into the update manager -> prefences -> server -> other -> find mine in the list. Save and exit. Mandatory reload of data shows that its working.

Now I’m done, so I try to log out.

How do you log out of gnome without a keyboard???

There’s no log out option in any of the main menus – accessible from Alt+F1

Check help for about 10 minutes, reading the keyboard shortcut pages – the help files aren’t written for keyboard only navigation – found nothing

Checked the System -> prefrences -> keyboard shortcut ¬†menu and saw that ‘Log out’ was listed as Ctrl+Alt+Delete
So I try that, but I get a dialog that shows Shutdown, Suspend, Restart or Hibernate.


So I go back to my other computer and do some research. Turns out that the Fast User Switcher applet that is installed by default takes the standard logout and shutdown options from the system menu. This applet is the button in the very top right of the screen, and as far as I know is only accessible via mouse.

I do some more research and find out how to load the logout dialog that has been removed:¬†gnome-session-save –logout-dialog

So I bring up System -> Preferences -> Main Menu and add a new item -> gnome-session-save –logout-dialog
Save that, go System -> Logout and then it shows Logout or Switch User


Problem solved, but 20 minutes to work out how to logout (nicely) without a mouse? I think that’s a bit of a user interface fail.

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